Tips to Boost Basal Metabolic Rate

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What is your Basal metabolic Rate?

Your BMR is the speed at which you burn kcals from doing everyday tasks. It varies from person to person. This is why some people pile on the pounds at the mere sniff of a chocolate bar and others can eat like it’s going out of fashion and remain stick-thin.

The basics….

  • Men’s tends to be higher than Women’s.
  • As we age it slows from it’s peak in youth.
  • After the age of 40 it can slow dramatically.
  • Crash diets can wreak havoc too as can eating disorders. The body learns to combat starvation mode by holding on to any kcals it can.
  • Dieting and losing weight too quickly means a loss of muscle as well as water and fat which can slow it even further.



Fuel up properly. As you eat your metabolism speeds up for the digestion process. Some people do well with eating 6 small meals, others its 3 meals and two snacks.

Break – the – Fast. Breakfast is an important meal.  It kickstarts your metabolism after effectively fasting all night. Your BMR and Blood sugar levels are at their lowest.

Cool it…Temperature fluctuations can also boost your BMR. Being slightly cold boosts you as you shiver to keep warm. Alternating hot and cold water in the shower is great for this and stimulates the lymphatic system- draining toxins. It can also help with post-exercise soreness.

Get a move on!!! Weight bearing exercise is advised. Walking, running, dancing , martial arts and weight training; build muscle and boost BMR- Exercise is your ally if you are to maintain weightloss after dieting. Moderate amounts of HIIT or any aerobic exercise can have a beneficial effect on the metabolism.

NO – no… Avoid yo-yo dieting, fad diets, crash diets and seriously low calorie dieting. It screws with your metabolism no end and you will most probably regain the lost weight in the form of fat. Lose the weight again and reduce your muscle mass and then regain again as an even higher percentage of fat and so the cycle continues.




Capsaicin- Found in Cayenne Pepper, Chilli and Paprika. It is a known BMR stimulator.

Caffeine. Limit it later on in the day if you are prone to sleep troubles. It stimulates heart rate and can be beneficial in moderation. Some studies show caffeine before a workout can have a beneficial effect on your endurance whilst exercising.

Green Tea. A known metabolism booster.

Lean Protein. Aids building of muscle as you workout. The more muscle, then the higher your BMR. Protein also uses more kcals to burn than carbs do. Sufficient amounts can also help keep hunger under control.

Water. Studies showed that adults who drank 8 or more glasses of water a day had higher BMR’s than those on 4. Fruit and veg count too as does that cup of char. Just watch for hidden kcals in drinks. Alcohol is full of calories and can lead to the munchies and storage of fat on your abdomen. However moderate drinking has been found to have some beneficial effects so keep within the recommended limits and don’t over- do the drinking and try to have a few alcohol free days through the week.

Energy drinks can contain Caffeine and Taurine which is an Amino Acid. This can give you a boost and keep you alert.   On the down side they also can make you jittery and prone to sleep disturbances in the same way coffee can. Sleep problems in themselves, can lead to weight gain for some people. There is also a link to high blood pressure. They are not recommended or suitable for children or teens.