Greek Yoghurt

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Greek yoghurt was traditionally made using sheep’s milk, now a days the term can be used to indicate the straining process it has undergone. Now while all yoghurt has some health benefits to varying degrees, I’m going to focus on Greek Yoghurt as people may avoid its health benefits due to its higher calorie count.

Natural yoghurt is a Probiotic –rich food which confers many benefits on the digestive and immune systems. Greek yoghurt however can have up to 6 strains of probiotic while regular may only have two. The basis of a good immune system begins in the digestive system so incorporating pre and pro-biotic rich foods is a vital step to good health. It also due to higher probiotic content a better option for the lactose intolerant to digest than regular yoghurt.

It is higher in Protein than regular yoghurt and I would recommend this if you exercise a lot, as protein is good at managing hunger pangs and helps in muscle development so use it as perhaps part of a post-workout snack.

It is also lower in Sodium and Carbohydrates which can have obvious benefits for those looking to control blood sugar levels and for weight control. However the full fat version will be higher in calories may have more Calcium than the low fat version.

Due to its creamier texture, it can be a great option for cooking with. It is versatile enough for both sauces and dips for you to enjoy.

A basic Tzatziki, is made from Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, olive oil and salt and sometimes lemon juice. You can add dill, mint or parsley too if required. It is lovely served with mezzes.