A Basic Portion Control Guide

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Ref. www.PrecisionNutrition.com/calorie-control-guide.

Food Size Guide Female Male

Protein: Meat, Fish, Eggs, beans (other Protein dense legumes), Tofu, Quorn and Soy etc.




Palm of Fist.


1 portion is recommended



2 portions is recommended


Vegetables: All vegetables apart from the starchy kind such as Potatoes.



Fist size.


“             “


“         “


Carbohydrates: Starchy carbs i.e. Pasta, Bread, Grains, Fruit and Starchy Veg.



Cupped hand.


“             “


“         “


Fat: Oil, Butter, Nut and Nut Butters and also Seeds.



Entire thumb.


“         “


“           “