hypnutritionHere at Ross Holistic Nutrition, I utilise an integrated therapy approach I call The HypNutrition method.

To facilitate positive Lifestyle change; I incorporate Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching and Mindfulness techniques with a solid Nutrition/Lifestyle base-to foster the Mind/Body connection.

Whether it’s making healthy lifestyle changes, dealing with Stress and Anxiety, or supporting you through periods of transition and change- The HypNutrition method is tailored to the individual.

Where the mind leads the body shall follow

flowerExamples of healthy lifestyle changes  I can help with.

Weight loss, stop smoking, managing pain or sleeplessness, improve diet, relaxation techniques, IBS management, stress and anxiety management, assertiveness training, Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching.

I am also a registered Hypnotension Practitioner –www.hypnotension.com  which is a method of managing high BP through stress management. I also trained and am registered with The International Society of Paediatric Hypnotherapists –www.tisph.com. As well as a long time ACHP member and an IAHT (International Association of Holistic Therapists) member too.