March Seasonal Foods

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Now March is here we are starting to notice the mornings becoming lighter and the evenings a little shorter. The worst of winter has passed and Spring time has arrived.

March Foods

The season for such produce like oranges, lemons, passion fruit and leeks is coming to an end. As it is for mussels and oysters. However, produce such as salmon, turkey and rabbit are plentiful. In terms of fruit and veg keep an eye out for kiwis, Rhubarb and peppers -which are just coming into season now. Cauliflower, purple sprouting broccoli, spinach and spring onions are also delicious right now.


Focus on Rhubarb…

Rhubarb is very interesting.

It provides good sources of fibre and phytonutrients and antioxidants, that are still quite resilient after cooking. It contains good sources of vitamins A, C and K.  It also contains Oxalic Acid which folks with gout, inflammation or kidney issues must take care to limit.


This hardy plant is well known for not needing too much care, however it’s health benefits are only recently coming to the fore. It is useful in extract form for women who get hot flashes during menopause. It was found to reduce them without being an oestrogen source.

Another lesser known use was published in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, which was its benefits as a weight loss aid when drinking its juice.

Most exciting of all is its recent discovery by scientists to have an inhibitory effect on cancer cells. A compound called Parietin, found in rhubarb fights an enzyme called 6PGD that drives cancer. Although early days yet, scientists are excited about the prospects here.

Big Thank You to Chef Kerry for sharing one of her Health Camp recipes.