June Seasonal Foods

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Asparagus, aubergine, beetroot, broad beans, broccoli, carrots, chillies, courgettes, French beans, garlic, mange tout, onions, peas, radishes, rocket, runner beans, spinach tomatoes, turnips watercress.

Apricots, blueberries, cherries, gooseberries, kiwi, peaches, strawberries.

Lamb and woodpigeon.

Cod, crab, haddock, halibut, herring, plaice, prawns, salmon, sardines, scallops, trout and whitebait.


Focus on Broad beans…


You must eat these quickly as they lose freshness rapidly, eating them raw is especially beneficial and delicious. They are sources of Protein, Fibre, Vit A and C, Vitamin B1 and bB2 Potassium and Iron. They contain Levodopa which the body uses to create Dopamine.

It is high in Carbohydrates and is one of the highest vegetable sources of protein with 8g of Protein per 100g of beans.


Focus on Cod…


Cod is a cold water fish these- are known to have many health benefits, notably on heart health. It is a low G.I., low fat Protein source with lots of nutritional benefits.

It is a source of Protein, Selenium, Potassium and Choline, Niacin and other B vitamins especially B12 and B6. These B vitamins are implicated in keeping homocysteine levels low as these cause damage to blood vessel walls

The Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA) can help Cardiac function and are anti-inflammatory in nature. Diets high in Omega 3s can have a beneficial effect on Triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are a form of fat within the bloodstream.

Just remember to try and not deep fry your Cod when looking for a healthy option, although the fish itself is good for you; deep frying in oil generates damaging Free Radicals from the heating of the Oil…