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Konnyaku NoodlesYou may be forgiven for thinking that this is a bowl of squid to look at. But it is in fact the latest Japanese food import, which could change the goal posts for your weight loss goals…

These strange looking noodles are Konnyaku noodles produced from the root of the Konjac plant. They are a source of Glucomannan – which is available as a supplement, Konnyaku or Shirataki noodles. Glucomannan works by absorbing water in the stomach and intestines and turning into bulky fibre. The fibre swells massively and stretches the nerves in the stomach signalling that you are full and no longer hungry. This can help curb an excessive appetite and is a useful weight loss aid.

Konnyaku is popular in Japan traditionally and it is renowned for its cleansing effect on the intestine as well as being a useful Cholesterol lowering agent. Its high fibre content also makes it a tool for controlling blood sugar levels and indeed may benefit some people who have Diabetes (check with a GP before introducing any new supplement or supplemental food).

The noodles are Gluten Free, Very low Carbohydrate as well as Zero calories, Norwegian studies conducted at the University of Tromso found that people who supplemented with Glucomannan* lost nearly twice as much weight as well as a sizeable decrease in hunger hormones than those who did not. Please note that due to the fibre density, plenty of fluids must be consumed.

Kannyuko NoodlesThe noodles themselves are flavourless and must be rinsed prior to usage due to an unusual smell in the water packaging (this does disappear upon rinsing and cooking). The noodles take strong flavours well, I added mine to a chicken, and chilli and pesto stir fry. The packet contains two servings, however I found just a couple of tablespoons more than enough to satiate me – even after a work out! They were tasteless with a texture like cold pasta but not offensive at all and a little goes a long way.

Miracle NoodlesThey are still relatively new to the UK and not common on the super market shelves, however they are massive in Asian cuisine and hold the flavours well. This could well be a new secret weapon in curbing a large appetite and when used sensibly, a great agent to support your weight loss goals (as part of a healthy diet and with regular exercise) – Get your Miracle Noodles here before anyone else…

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Review by Karen Ross from Ross Holistic Nutrition.

*Experiences with tree different fiber supplements in weight reduction.

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