February Seasonal Foods

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brocolliBanana, blood orange, lemons, pears, pineapple, pomegranate, rhubarb, walnuts.

Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, chicory, leeks, parsnips, potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, spinach, swede, turnip.

Clams, cockles, haddock, hake, John Dory, mussels, oysters, turbot, salmon.

Focus on Cauliflower….

cauliflowerCauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable. All cruciferous veg are great for digestive support. Cauliflower also has a high fibre content and rich in antioxidants. It is a good vitamin C and Vitamin K source as well as Manganese. It is a source of anti-inflammatory glucosinolates/isothiocynates too.

Cauliflower is easily over-cooked so be aware of this before you lose any of the nutritional benefits through over cooking. Also if you suffer from Gout you may want to limit how much Cauliflower you do have as it is a source of Purines.

Chef Kerry’s Indian Spice rub

roasted veg

2 tsp. cumin seeds

2 tsp. coriander seeds

2 tsp. mixed peppercorns

1-2 tsp. dried chillies

Pan roast till browned then blend or crush in a pestle and mortar and use as required.

Chef Kerry did a lovely accompaniment of a selection of winter veg such as parsnips, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower all roasted with this rub on the veg. Delicious.


January Seasonal Foods

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january seasonal foods and recipes from Ross Holistic NutritionApples, blood orange, clementines, kiwi fruits, lemons, pears, pineapple, rhubarb, satsumas, tangerines and walnuts.

Beetroot, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celeriac, celery, kale, leeks, parsnips, potatoes, shallots, squash, swede, turnip.

Clams, cockles, haddock, halibut, john dory, lemon sole, mussels, oysters, plaice, scallops, venison.

Focus on Celery…

Celery is very low in calorie and is a useful weight loss food. In fact it is considered a functional food due to its nutrient profile. It is rich in non-soluble fibre which lends a Thermogenic effect (uses calories to digest it). It is also beneficial on blood cholesterol levels and a diuretic.

It is a source of Antioxidants such as Lutein, Beta-carotene. These confer many benefits including being good for the immune system.

The leaves are a source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Niacin as well as Folic Acid and Vitamin K.

It is rich in Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Manganese and Magnesium.

celeryBraised Celery.

This is a lovely side dish, which is easy to prepare.

1 bunch of Celery, washed and diced into 4 inch pieces.

½ tsp. Salt.

¼ tsp. Pepper.

2 tbsp. Butter.

225ml. Chicken Stock.

1 tbsp Fresh parsley finely diced.

Place into a large pan. Season with Salt and Pepper and dot the butter on top. Pour the stock over and bring to the boil, then turn the heat down to low and simmer for 30 minutes. Sprinkle with Parsley just before serving.


Slow Cooker Beef with Puy lentils.

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beef puy lentils

A basic casserole of some beef, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.

If you wish you can brown the beef prior, add in the ingredients and add some garlic, beef stock and a couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce. I used a tin of pre-soaked Puy lentils for convenience.

Some salt and pepper and I personally like Cayenne Pepper or Paprika added for a kick.


Slow Cooker Corn Chowder with chicken.

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chicken sweetcorn chowderFor this I used some left-over chicken from a Sunday Roast. I left the chicken out until the final stages.

I popped some sweetcorn, carrots, onion, garlic and finely diced potatoes to some chicken stock and parsley, Thyme, bay leaves and which-ever herbs you prefer and salt and pepper.

Leave to simmer away and then switch off to cool down. Once cooled take a blender and blitz to thicken the soup. Then, switch the slow cooker back on, add in the chicken pieces and a handful of frozen sweetcorn. If too thick simply add some water or stock or if you wish a spoonful of half-at crème fraiche will give a creamier consistency.


Slow Cooker Chicken, vegetables and dumplings.

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chicken and dumplings

This was another simple, yet delicious slow cooker idea. I put some chicken breasts in with some diced carrot, onion garlic and runner beans.

I added some chicken stock and Herbs de Provence, parsley and some pepper.

In the last 30 minutes before serving I will admit I cheated and used a ready-made dumpling kit. Although it is fairly simple to make them yourself with self-raising flour and suet. Place the dumplings on top of the chicken and veg and once cooked serve and enjoy.



Slow Cooker Pork Pot Roast.

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pork roast

This was so simple. Just get nice cut of pork with some fat on it which can be cut off prior to serving.

I chopped some carrots, potatoes and onions. I added Bay leaves, some fresh Sage from the garden, Thyme and Parsley. I added some vegetable stock and some apple juice to keep it moist. Some salt and pepper on top.

If possible I would recommend turning the pork joint around at some point so it soaks up the juices from the underside.


Slow cooker Mediterranean Chicken with Quinoa.

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chikcen quinoa

I used some diced chicken, peppers, courgette, aubergine and tomatoes. Chicken stock and a tin of tomatoes were used to keep it moist.

I used a few cloves of garlic and some basil and oregano and parsley and black pepper and some capers.

About ten to fifteen minutes prior to serving put in some quinoa and then serve.


Slow Cooker Beef with Apricot and Pistachio.

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beef and apricot

For this, I used some diced beef although lamb is just as good a substitute. I added some courgette, onion, cherry tomatoes and a couple of garlic.

I used beef stock, Allspice, Saffron, Cumin, Coriander and some Cinnamon and Parsley.

Finally I added some dried Apricot, seasoned it and left it all to cook for a few hours.

I served with some brown rice although Couscous is an alternative and then finished by sprinkling some crushed Pistachios.


Slow Cooker Chicken and Apple with beetroot and apple bread

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chicken and apple stewThis was both a warming a sweet dish which my kids especially enjoyed. I put in four chicken breasts, an onion, 2 sticks of celery and a large cooking apple cored and sliced and a diced yellow pepper.

For the stock I used some Apple juice, Chicken stock, a table spoon of honey, some bay leaves and some Nutmeg and Cinnamon and pepper.

It was left to bubble away all day until an hour before serving. I washed, and sliced a couple of Apples and placed them on top of the casserole with a sprinkling of brown sugar. Upon serving I used a cooking blow torch to caramelise the apples although under the grill is more than sufficient J

Once plated up, I served with a slice of apple and beetroot bread to mop up all those lovely juices.


December Seasonal Foods

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xmas puddingDecember Seasonal Foods…

Apples, chestnuts, clementines, cranberries, passion fruit, pears, pineapple, pomegranate, satsumas, tangerines, walnuts.

Beetroot, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, kale, leeks, parsnips, potatoes, pumpkin, red cabbage, swede, turnips.

Brill, clams, duck, goose, haddock, hake, halibut, lemon sole, monk fish, mussels, oysters, pheasant, scallops, sea bass, squid, turbot, turkey.


turkeyFocus on Turkey…

Turkey is a low in Saturated Fat, Protein source. 1 Serving provides approx. 65% of your Protein intake.

It is a source of the amino acid Tryptophan which is beneficial for your mood.

It is a source of the mineral Selenium which is important for Thyroid function.

It is a B vitamin source especially B3 and B6.

Grass fed organic Turkey is best as commercially farmed Turkey can be full of antibiotics.


Boxing Day Leftover Salad wraps…

turkey salad500g cooked turkey

250g mayonnaise

1 teaspoon paprika

150g dried cranberries

1 large celery stalk diced

3 spring onions diced

Yellow peppers finely diced

75g walnuts

Salt and pepper

Serves up to 12.

Mix all the ingredients together and serve in a wrap made from the leaf of a little gem lettuce, alternatively you can serve in a traditional salad or sandwich or wrap.



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