Karen RossI became interested in Nutrition after a back injury left me on a cocktail of tablets and then a subsequent Fibromyalgia diagnosis. My health was poor and so I looked for ways to take control of what I was putting into my body. I qualified in 2011 and have never stopped studying since then! I established Ross Holistic Nutrition and began my journey into Nutrition.

During this, I readily began to observe in both myself and in clients the role stress and inflammation was playing in our lives. Also the way it brought any underlying health or lifestyle issues into the spotlight. Stress literally destroys a person’s physical and mental health. After my own experience with an acute period of stress I decided to research techniques to control it. This is where my journey into Hypnotherapy and NLP begins. Stress affects the mind and the body so once qualified, I developed my Integrated Therapy system that I call HypNutrition.

HypNutrition is where I combine my background in Nutrition with cognitive techniques to help reduce unproductive stress responses. The unproductive response is replaced with resources and tools to build resilience.

The HypNutrition method is physical and mental resilience building tool. It is presented in a coaching style therapeutic alliance. It is broken down into affordable sessions with established outcomes in mind. We set SMART goals, use NLP patterns such as the SWISH method and deep relaxation techniques. I use Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Breathing techniques in combination with Nutrition to provide a comprehensive method that deals with Mind and Body.