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Thought I would share this picture taken at the Food bank in Elgin. We dropped off a donation to them as here at Ross Holistic we believe people should be entitled to access to healthy food. Not only is it necessary for health but also to make sure people are productive members of society which benefits everyone as a whole.

food bank moray

It can be hard for everyone to make sure they are able to eat well. From the single person struggling on a low income, to the disabled or elderly, to those on benefits and also working families too. How can we expect our children to learn effectively at school when they don’t have the right fuel to keep them going?

Of course with rising living costs this is not always achievable and this is where the important work done by the good people at Community Food Moray comes in. We had the pleasure of meeting with Andy Walker who showed us around and explained exactly what they do there. I would encourage anyone who has any spare cans of food or a few pence to spend on one to donate. The Food bank is on the High St in Elgin, Morayshire.

In the meantime, Ross Holistic Nutrition is happy to help and come up with ideas for eating healthily on a budget and I also know Chef Kerry from Sfear Kickboxing Health and Fitness Centre has plenty of low cost recipe ideas to contribute too.