A few years ago I began the tentative few steps to overhauling my health and my life.  I was medicated for chronic pain and injuries and told I had Fibromyalgia and constantly worn out and fed up.  So I joined Elite kickboxing Health and Fitness Centre started Boxercise and progressed to Kickboxing and do both of these as well body boarding and jogging.  I have never looked back nor touched another painkiller.

My progress however prompted me to go a stage further and study and graduate in Nutrition.  I was always a keen cook (too keen if you ask me!) and have always grown various fruit and vegetables in my garden and Nutrition seemed combined with my interest in fitness and well being a natural progression.  I found I could use my knowledge to keep my family and myself healthy and optimise my own exercise results.

I want on focus on eating for wellness not blindly cutting calories.  Eating for your own personal requirements not omitting food groups or following faddy diet plans.  Everyone has individual Nutritional needs which is why I practice Holistic Nutrition -looking at the whole person.  Come and have a chat with me and we can find out what works for YOU.

I am always continuing to learn and progress and now practice Holistic Nutrition here at Elite Kickboxing Health and Fitness Centre, where it all began …. pop in past and speak to us.